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i just want you to know,


that it’s all important to me.

#poems: Time Pieces


If I could sketch time,

It would look like the stars in

A cracked hourglass.

Bleeding out into

the darkness like bloodstains on

Cold Blacktop Playground.

Trickling Finite

Chronos into infinite

Space, just to be claimed

By/Buy Watches, clocks, and

Random time pieces, only

Catching time pieces.

Pieces of time locked.

Intertwined with space like some

Stolen dance floors grooves.

Never to…

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// recent student work
course: typography II
20x30” posters

My students at Virginia State University Art & Design recently completed posters for the upcoming VMFA exhibit Posing Beauty in African American CultureSee the exhibit beginning April 26th and running through July 27th.

Coming this Summer!

Departure !

The day has finally come !!!
We leave Richmond VA today at 6pm! Keep me and my service mates in y’all prayers as we start this 18 hr journey to NOLA!

Stay tuned




s/o to the black man. 

#black father supremacy

everyone needs to know this.

UO steal. $28 bucks ! Happy employee 😃 #uoonyou #102forlife



Mentally, physically, emotionally.
I’ve never felt this type of anxiety before, it consumes me. It adds to my depression and I think to myself I need help for this. Drugs. Pills. Anything. Its so tempting to go back to old ways but I’ve come so far, I hate this shit I hate living like this it’s…

Though we don’t see/speak to each other on a daily basis, know that you literally took every word out of my mouth. While it seems like the most personal expierences arent relevant to the rest of the world, you’ll be surprised at just how close the same issues affect people not to far from yu, like me. 

This semester has been my most trying in so many different ways and I’ve started bad habits as a result. Trust me, you’ll push through! 

One helpful thing that has pulled me somewhat out of the darkness is going to the University Counseling Center. Believe it or not, they are actually quite helpful. 

I know this might seem awkward but everything you said I feel like I’m going through, so why not help another person out.

All will be okay. Remember that.